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Rutger van Gelder was born in Enschede (Holland) in 1984, screamin so loud during his birth the doctors immediately noticed this little kid really wanted to be heard. Although they predicted a glorious future at the local church choir, Rutger eventually learned to speak his voice in another way.

He grew up listening to his brother abusing turntables in the attic, and two sisters singing just all day long. This contributed to his massive affection for music. While listening to all styles of music he slowly began to discover his own sound, and at the age of 13 he used a computer to combine samples, vocals en loops to record this sound. When he found out the same result could be reached using turntables and a mixer his irresistible urge of being a DJ was born. Especially concerning the fact he would be showing these skills for a crowd now! His career started with local events, followed by a variety of nightclubs and developed to a massive amount of different party’s. While his DJ career developed his producing skills grew too, fabricating tracks and remixes in all sorts of genres, supported by the biggest DJ’s to walk the earth.

Rutger van Gelder's tracks also often appear in radioshows, like 'Evolved' on Topradio (BE) and SlamFM (NL), his 'Keltic' remix on SlamFM and Radio538 (NL) and his 'Lambda - Hold On Tight' remix, which appeared on DJ Jean @ Work (SlamFM). We should also add that Evolved made it to no.6 in the Belgian iTunes Chart.

Nowadays, he's performing in various clubs and on a variety of events across the Netherlands, letting the crowd reach their zenith by providing house-based DJ sets.

Combining classic sounds, fresh beats and dazzling vocals using revolutionary techniques, this DJ is about to change nightlife as you know it.


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Interview Jordy Lishious

Dec 23, 2010 0 reacties

I've been following Jordy Lishious' career since his clubhit 'Raw', so it was an honor for me to interview him yesterday, via Skype. From the beginning it was clear to me that this man is all about the music! An artist in heart and soul, who loves to make music out of the ordinary. We talked about how it all started for him as a DJ, what he thinks is important during a set and the music business shrinking. I'll have to have his permission first before I post the interview, so why don't you check out his new slammin hit 'Radiator' till then :)

Remix Request 'Bonita'

Dec 17, 2010 0 reacties

This week I received a remix request from Romania by somebody who was impressed with my Keltic remix. Since I liked the original mix, the guy seemed friendly and some other financial motives (gnagna) I decided to 'take the job'!
Don't know the exact release date yet, but I'll let you know by that time to look out for:
Ciprian Iordache, Alexuuu & TDK - Bonita (Rutger van Gelder Remix)

RVG's graduation project

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For the past few years I've been studying Communication & Multimedia Design, and after last summer I started my graduation project, entitled:
How to become a famous DJ?

This title may seem a little 'dreamy', but it's actually a true-to-nature project about personal branding, marketing and the use of social media. Since I've been focusing on the producing part for the past few years, it was now time to discover ways to put myself on the map.
The main activity of this project is having interviews with artists, after which I create profiles on them. Conclusions I made are being put next to theoretical marketing techniques and my own idea's, which will (hopefully) lead to a full proof marketing instruction manual.
One of the other main questions is "What makes a good DJ?" So if you got an opinion on this subject, please share it in the comment section below, mail it to me at rutger@rutgervangelder.com or leave me a tweet. Your help will be much appreciated :)


Dec 16, 2010 0 reacties
The past few weeks I got to interview a few very interesting DJ's and producers for my graduation project.

Chocolate Puma
Although I was informed they've got their studio close to my house, 50% of Chocolate Puma preferred an interview via telephone. He had some really interesting stuff to say about their journey as artists, since they're in the business for 20 years now! We talked about
the music business collapsing, but also about new promotional opportunities because of the internet. The best word to describe these guys is Legends (that's right, with a capital L)!

Nicky Romero
Traveled down to the White Villa studio's for this interview, where we sat down and talked about personal branding, social media use and building a team to support your career. He's got a clear vision of what he wants and how to get it, considering how much he achieved already in about two years. Did you know he's got around 6 remix requests per day?
Besides talking to him about (house)music in general, I also got to hear his unreleased projects: this man is on fire!

Jacob van Hage
A visit to Rotterdam is all it took to hear this man's story. He told me all about how his career started at a local youth centre, and about the goals he's hoping to achieve. I believe the fact that Tiƫsto himself supports almost every release of this DJ has a great contribution to these goals. We talked about the use of social media and hyping tracks, but most of all about his passion for music and entertaining. I've known him personally for years now, and I can honestly say he is just getting started!

Keltic (Rutger van Gelder Remix)

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It was the opening track of Radio 538's podcast Powermix 186 (22 oktober) and played on SlamFM during a show called Clubbin (11 december): Steff Da Campo - Keltic (Rutger van Gelder Remix)!
You can still get this hot groovy (and catchy) tune at Beatport or Dance Tunes.

I got a few video's for this one. First, let's start with the plain ol'  YouTube version of it:

Then there's this performance of Guido Mo during Jailhouse Rock in Leeuwarden, playing Keltic live on violion (from 6:30 minutes)

And although I'm mentioning it last, it's actually the premiere of Keltic (so first play ever) by Jaz von D & Lionel Rocks @ Club Noa, Leeuwarden:


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My choice of the title ‘Evolved‘ was not by accident. After years of producing other kinds of music, my sound started 'evolving' to the tech- and/or progressive house it is today!
Right now, this melodic bomb is going strong in Belgium (support by TopRadio, among others) and was picked up by DJ Jean in his radioshow DJ Jean@Work (SLAM!FM).

Laidback Luke had this to say:
Sounds interesting! Maybe a little deep, but I’m definitely gonna give it a try. Great production! Thanks!

As we speak, the vocal version (with beautiful vocals of my sister Carien van Gelder) is being distributed by BIP records.

By the way, the designer of this eyecatchin' albumcover was Germen Stelpstra, someone to watch in the future!

You can still support Evolved on one of the following downloadportals:
iTunes | Beatport | Dance-Tunes

I've added a movie of me performing at Zoet Indoor (an amazing event in Dokkum, Friesland).
I think it's unnecessary for me to tell you that this was a moment of pure goosebumps!

Loud & Clear November 2010

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After being downloaded over 2100 times, this Rutger van Gelder livemix/podcast is still worth the mention! Get it here:

Loud & Clear - November 2010

Loud & Clear December 2010

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The new Loud & Clear is here!

Rutger van Gelder's new December livemix is now available for download or streaming at the following location:

Speedyshare (Download only)