Keltic (Rutger van Gelder Remix)

Dec 16, 2010
It was the opening track of Radio 538's podcast Powermix 186 (22 oktober) and played on SlamFM during a show called Clubbin (11 december): Steff Da Campo - Keltic (Rutger van Gelder Remix)!
You can still get this hot groovy (and catchy) tune at Beatport or Dance Tunes.

I got a few video's for this one. First, let's start with the plain ol'  YouTube version of it:

Then there's this performance of Guido Mo during Jailhouse Rock in Leeuwarden, playing Keltic live on violion (from 6:30 minutes)

And although I'm mentioning it last, it's actually the premiere of Keltic (so first play ever) by Jaz von D & Lionel Rocks @ Club Noa, Leeuwarden:

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