Dec 16, 2010

My choice of the title ‘Evolved‘ was not by accident. After years of producing other kinds of music, my sound started 'evolving' to the tech- and/or progressive house it is today!
Right now, this melodic bomb is going strong in Belgium (support by TopRadio, among others) and was picked up by DJ Jean in his radioshow DJ Jean@Work (SLAM!FM).

Laidback Luke had this to say:
Sounds interesting! Maybe a little deep, but I’m definitely gonna give it a try. Great production! Thanks!

As we speak, the vocal version (with beautiful vocals of my sister Carien van Gelder) is being distributed by BIP records.

By the way, the designer of this eyecatchin' albumcover was Germen Stelpstra, someone to watch in the future!

You can still support Evolved on one of the following downloadportals:
iTunes | Beatport | Dance-Tunes

I've added a movie of me performing at Zoet Indoor (an amazing event in Dokkum, Friesland).
I think it's unnecessary for me to tell you that this was a moment of pure goosebumps!

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