Dec 16, 2010
The past few weeks I got to interview a few very interesting DJ's and producers for my graduation project.

Chocolate Puma
Although I was informed they've got their studio close to my house, 50% of Chocolate Puma preferred an interview via telephone. He had some really interesting stuff to say about their journey as artists, since they're in the business for 20 years now! We talked about
the music business collapsing, but also about new promotional opportunities because of the internet. The best word to describe these guys is Legends (that's right, with a capital L)!

Nicky Romero
Traveled down to the White Villa studio's for this interview, where we sat down and talked about personal branding, social media use and building a team to support your career. He's got a clear vision of what he wants and how to get it, considering how much he achieved already in about two years. Did you know he's got around 6 remix requests per day?
Besides talking to him about (house)music in general, I also got to hear his unreleased projects: this man is on fire!

Jacob van Hage
A visit to Rotterdam is all it took to hear this man's story. He told me all about how his career started at a local youth centre, and about the goals he's hoping to achieve. I believe the fact that Tiƫsto himself supports almost every release of this DJ has a great contribution to these goals. We talked about the use of social media and hyping tracks, but most of all about his passion for music and entertaining. I've known him personally for years now, and I can honestly say he is just getting started!

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